A few years back I was purchasing a vehicle for my wife. It was a good exercise in the process of buying a used car through a private sale. There a a number of issue to take care of and I developed my own little process. You can read about it in my article Negotiating a Private Sale on a Car.This article provides an example of a Bill of Sale or what I call a Purchase Agreement. You should always, always, always have one of these. It defines the actual agreement that you have come to with the seller. You will need it to insure and register your vehicle.Feel free to use this template. I am sick of not being able to find a decent one for free. I have underlined and italicized the sections you will want to fill in yourself. You can copy and paste it into a text editor or try downloading a template:

I would keep the overall sections there, but you can add criteria to each one as you see fit. There might be more or less conditions as well.

PURCHASE AGREEMENTTHIS PURCHASE AGREEMENT,(hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is entered into byand between PRINT SELLER NAME {hereinafter referred to as “Seller”} and PRINT BUYER NAME {hereinafter referred to as “Buyer”}.

RECITALSWHEREAS, Seller is theowner of a INPUT YEAR AND MODEL, Vehicle Identification Number: INPUT VIN NUMBERand a set of winter tires on rims {hereinafter known as the”Vehicle”}.WHEREAS, Buyer desiresto buy the Vehicle from Seller and Seller desires to sell the Vehicleto Buyer

AGREEMENTNOW THEREFORE, in considerationof the mutual obligations contained herein. Buyer and Seller dohereby agree as follows:

SECTION 1:PURCHASE AND SALE OF INTERESTSBuyer agrees to buy from Sellerand Seller agrees to sell to Buyer, Seller’s right and title to theVehicle.

SECTION 2:PURCHASE PRICEThe total purchase price forthe Vehicle shall be INPUT PURCHASE PRICE HERE.

SECTION 3:DEPOSITThe Seller has received a ENTER DEPOSIT AMOUNT deposit towards the Purchase Price of the Vehicle.

SECTION 4:PAYMENT AND DELIVERYThe Purchase Price shall bepaid by the Buyer to Seller at the Closing as defined in Section 5 ofthis Agreement. The Purchase Price shall be paid in the form ofCertified Funds (Bank Draft or Money Order) or cash.


  1. Inspection.The inspection will take place on INPUT INSPECTION DATEand will be paid for by the Buyer. The estimated cost of necessary,major repair work, as identified by the company inspecting the vehicle, needs to be less than $500.
  2. VIN Check.A Vehicle History check based on the VIN will be completed by INPUT DATE and will be paid for by the Buyer. There should be no history of accidents, liens, or re-certifications, unless they were previously declared in this Bill of Sale.
  3. Cooperation.Buyer and Seller agree that they will fully cooperate with each otherin connection with any steps required to be taken as part of any obligationunder this Agreement, and to effect the Closing, including the executionand delivery of such documents and the taking of such actions at orafter Closing as shall reasonably be requested by one part or the other.


  1. Title. The conveyanceof the title to the Vehicle to Buyer shall be by execution of the deliveryof the Vehicle title executed by Seller at Closing. This willinclude a Bill of Sale.