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Phone Scam Claiming to be The Mobile Shop

Update: Oct 1st 2020: I received a call back from The Mobile Shop after posting a message to them through their website. They verified this is a scam and were looking into it, but not sure if they could do anything about it. They clarified that they would never confirm identity details over the phone and you would need to physically go into their store to do so. And contrary to what the scammer will say on the phone, their stores are open.

The Scam

On September 24th, 2020, I received a call from 1-647-258-5447. I’m suspicious this is a scam situation.

Basically, they said they were with “The Mobile Shop”, the mobile phone stores inside Superstore. They stated their physical stores are closed due to Covid and they are doing promotions over the phone.

It started out suspicious in that they said they could offer promotions for all the major Canadian carriers. They then asked me info about my situation.

  • What carrier am I with?
  • How much do I pay for my plan?
  • How much data do I get with my plan?
  • What are my voice minutes and texts allowed?
  • What type of phone do I have?
  • What model of phone do I have?

It was on this last question that I was really wondering what was going on. So I didn’t answer and asked him what the deal was. He said his name was Raj and he could offer me $45/month for 8GB of data and unlimited calling and texting within Canada. No contract and no new phone purchase required. Well this was too good to be true.

When I said this sounded too good, he then said they are affiliated with all the carriers to help carry out promotions. I asked him what I would need to do further on the phone call and he stated they would need to confirm my identity with 2 pieces of ID. Examples were a drivers license, credit card, or social insurance number! So the last sentence really surprised me. He also said they would need to send me a new SIM card in the mail, but I would keep my old number.

So I said this sounded suspect, he told me to call my carrier and speak to the BDM department. Business Development was what he said the first part was.

Anyhow, I did call my carrier just out of interest sake and they said that sounded very suspicious to them and they were not aware of any promotions that good with them.

If you have more information, please post a comment.


  1. Phone Promotions

    hey man,
    No idea if this guy was legit or not!
    But I for one, can’t give personal info on the phone, especially if I’m the one receiving the call, especially unexpectedly.

    If you do a bit of research, you can find good wireless deals, even in Canada. It’s worth it, because as we know, Canada has the most expensive cellular services in the world, or close to.
    For example, PublicMobile offers 2.5gb for $35, which I am fine with.
    Plus, they give me $2 off a month if I put my CC on file.
    Plus, I’ve refered my dad, mom, sister, uncle and a friend. Each person earns a $1 off/month rebate.
    So effectively, I’m paying $28 for 2.5gb, which is fine.

    good to catch your blog, happy I found it, saved it in my bookmarks, look forward to reading/.


  2. Naveen

    I just received almost the identical call to the one mentioned in this post. It’s a totally unrealistic offer. Based on my answers to each question, the response by the guy on the line seemed to a touch better or he would just add a feature that I had or wanted.
    Basically, he was offering; 8GB data, unlimited Canada and US calling, 1,000 free international minutes, AND a brand new high-end iPhone, Samsung, or LG smartphone for free. All for $38 per month for a 2-year contract with no increase in payments after that period.

    Though this, in itself, is suspicious he needed a name, address, current cell number, driver’s license, credit card number ……. for the initial $200 de
    posit ….. which would be refunded by Telus.

    I’m glad I saw this post as the offer was tempting and the post has confirmed my suspicions.


  3. Robin

    I got a call from the same name Raj at the First a lady name Amy called and transferred me to Raj. I am with Koodo and still paying for my device S20 FE, the amount of around 500 bucks left, and paying $75 total with their plan. Here is what they offered me. They can give me a newer phone with renewing my contract for another 2 years. What happened to my current phone? They said I can keep it without paying any kind of penalty or full payment for the remaining balance for the phone. So basically, I can keep my current phone and just pay the same amount every month. Sounded too good to be true. I asked what I need to do if I want to proceed it. Same thing. 2 pieces of ID. That could be a driver’s license, credit card, or SIN. I wish it were not a scam but it just sounded like a scam. I googled and even called a local The mobile shop. A service rep told me it is possible to have a newer phone and keep my current phone without paying anything. I am confused and would go to a local store and see if they can offer me the same deal.

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