I recently purchased the RENPHO ES-28ML smart body weight scale. It is a great device and I use it regularly. One issue I had with it was the RENPHO iOS app on my iPhone. How to delete a weight that was recorded incorrectly.

Why does a weight get recorded incorrectly? Well, I have multiple family members that use the same scale. In the app you set up all your family members and it will learn to recognize if a measurement set is for them and it usually picks the right user. However, I find this sometimes does not work right and it will ask the user I want to associate the weight to and I pick the wrong one. Then I have one weight point present that looks way off.

It isn’t intuitive to find the delete option, but it is there. Just follow these steps:

  1. Tap the menu option “My Account”.
  2. Select the user you need to delete a data point from.
  3. Tap the menu option “Trends”.
  4. Find a data point on the chart and tap it. A an additional info box comes up with a chevron in it.
  5. Tap that info box. A calendar will appear and the page title is “History”.
  6. Navigate to the day with the bad data.
  7. Tap “Select Data”
  8. Tap the radio button for the bad data.
  9. Tap the trashcan icon at bottom right and tap confirm to delete it.

That’s it.