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I have a hard time reading books the past number of years, but I have managed to get through 4 in the last month. One thing was landing on some really fun reads (for me), but secondly, I purchased an Amazon Kindle earlier in October that has made reading during the random 10 minutes of free time so much easier.

FYI, I am talking about the Kindle 3 (the latest version).

If you haven’t heard of it yet, the Amazon Kindle is an electronic book reader (e-reader). It is a pretty neat piece of technology. You download books (either free ones from on-line somewhere or you purchase them from Amazon itself). After that, you sit down and read.

It is a pretty amazing piece of technology. Some of your are probably asking why not just buy an iPad or use a laptop. Here are a few reasons why you may want to have a Kindle.

  • Really easy on the eyes as the screen is not backlit and the LCD technology almost looks like ink on paper.
  • Crazy battery life. They say around a month with the wireless turned off and I don’t even know. I read 2 complete books plus fooled around with it looking at different features and the battery was only at 70%. You literally don’t even think about charging it. You could easily leave on a trip and leave the charger at home and be 99% safe.
  • A fraction of the price compared to a laptop or iPad. I paid $160 in total by the time it arrived on the doorstep.
  • Very lightweight and can fit in most jacket pockets.

Now I only purchased the basic “wireless” version, but there is a version that supports 3G and one with a larger display.

It is so easy to carry around, I find myself reading for 10 minutes here and there. Next thing I know, I am through a book.

I also find it as a very cool portable library. I have reference books, the manual to my wife’s car, random fiction novels, some pdf’s, anthology of Calvin and Hobbes as well as Far Side, and a few other things. Makes it easy to just take a break and read whatever.


Some things you may not know that is does.

  • Plays mp3’s.
  • Has a web browser (very basic).
  • Will “read” books as it has text to speech built-in.
  • Built in dictionary. As you are reading you can just move a cursor down to the word and the definition pops up.
  • Add notes and annotations to books and pdfs.
  • You can add bookmarks, categorize, and it remembers the last page you read to across all the books.


Only thing I don’t like about it so much right now is that that viewing PDF’s is not the best. You have to play with the size and usually switch the screen orientation to widescreen to get the best viewing situation. Large PDF’s can take a split second to load to the next screen too.

It isn’t an iPad! They almost aren’t comparable however. An iPad is a full featured device for apps, video, and web browsing. The Kindle is not very good at any of these, but it excels at reading.

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