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Impact Driver

I don’t know if you have used an impact driver before or not, but they are my new favorite tool for putting screws in. I used to use a conventional drill, which works okay, but an impact driver has dramatically improved the effort it takes.

Basically it (look up impact driver on wikipedia) combines rotational and downward movement in a small “jolt” but multiple times a second. So it is turning similar to a drill, but really in short, little jarring motions. It is very helpful when putting in Philips screws for basic household or yard renovations. It sort of makes it “grab” quicker in to the material and prevents you from stripping the head of the screw.

I used my friend’s Makita impact drill and after that I had to have one. I already use the 18V Ryobi cordless tools, so I thought I would add to the set. They have an 18V Ryobi impact driver that takes the same batteries.

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