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Park Hotel Jerusalem – Review

I was recently on a tour of Israel and stayed for 4 nights at the Park Hotel Jerusalem. Our guide also referred to it as the “Jerusalem Park”.

It was the base for our stay in the area as we did day trips to Old Jerusalem, other parts of Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, and even left from it the morning we caught our flight in Tel Aviv.


  • Rooms were “fairly” modern and included fridges.
  • Air conditioning that worked very well. We left it off most of the time as it was too cold.
  • Meals were very good, but not as much variety as other hotels we had.
  • There was free wireless internet in our room (we stayed on the 5th floor).
  • Huge dining area and very spacious (they actually have two there).


  • Location isn’t the best. Being on a tour it didn’t matter, but if you were backpacking on your own you would want to be closer to Old Jerusalem. That being said, there was a tram line that was there but not running yet. This could dramatically change the accessibility to other parts of the city, but I don’t know where it will actually run to.
  • Food was basically the same thing every day (mentioned in the pros as well).
  • They were slow when you would call down and ask for stuff (i.e. new towels, didn’t seem to understand we wanted extra towels for a trip to the Dead Sea, etc). This could have been due to it being super busy while we were there too.

New Metro Line Bridge Beside Park Hotel Jerusalem
Metro Line Close to Jerusalem Park


Overall I would recommend this hotel, but maybe not for 4 days. A little far from Old Jerusalem if you are on your own and you may get sick of the food. 2 days would be perfect for me.

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