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Lavi Kibbutz Hotel – Review

I was on a recent tour of Israel and stayed at a hotel run by the community of Kibbutz Lavi so it was of course named the Lavi Kibbutz Hotel. If you are wondering what a kibbutz is, they are socialist communities in Israel that people can choose to join. Your work for the community. All money is shared and it is similar to living on a commune.

The whole experience was super interesting and I highly recommend it if you are in the area. It is very close to the Sea of Galilee as there are a lot of interesting sights in the area (Golan Heights).


  • It is located in a Kibbutz. The community itself it very interesting and you can just walk around any time of the day to get a feel for how they live.
  • There is a pool facility both indoor and out plus a sauna.
  • The buffet dinners and breakfasts were very good. Lots of options.
  • The rooms were clean and had good air conditioning. Not super up to date, but apparently there is a range of this as one wing is recently updated.
  • There was free wireless internet.
  • We had a free information session from a local kibbutz member describing what is was like to live there and you could ask him questions. It was in the evening right after dinner time. The guy was actually from Baltimore (USA) and had been living there for 30 plus years.
  • Ping-pong, bar, computers for internet (you have to pay for these).
  • Close proximity to the Sea of Galilee.


  • You are a bit isolated as you are on a kibbutz, so you basically have to eat at the hotel. Our package included breakfasts and dinner, so not sure if that is the only option they have when you book (half-board).
  • Really busy with families and lots of kids when we were there, so your meals aren’t the most peaceful experiences.


Overall I would recommend the hotel. We enjoyed our time there. The pros definitely out-weight the few cons.

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