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Acer Extensa Power Jack Problem

I have owned an Acer Extensa 5420 for basically 2 years now. I wrote an article in regards to a Black Screen On Startup.

I had a new problem today. The power jack was pushed back further inside the laptop. When I tried to connect my power cord, it fit really loosely and the battery charging light would not turn on. I have seen power jack problems before, so had a pretty good feeling this was the problem.

Anyhow, I turned the laptop over and remove the small panel on the bottom where you gain access to the memory. I then removed all the large screws on the bottom have of the plastic case so that I could detach it. I was still unable to remove it, so I remove the top piece above the keyboard where the power button is and the power lights. Underneath there are two screens that hold the monitor to the upper half of the body. If you remove these, it also allows to pull back the bottom half.

Sorry if the instructions are confusing. I don’t have pictures either. Basically, try to remove as many screws as possible that look like it holds the two halves together though.

When I looked inside where the power jack was, the tiny little plastic ridges that the power jack held against had bent back and/or broken off. My solution was to push it back into place, insert the power cord into the jack fully, duct tape down the power cord on the outside of the laptop so it stays in a good place and doesn’t place any more strain on the power jack, and then apply as much super glue via toothpick around the surface contact areas that were plastic between the power jack and the laptop case.

Afterwards I put everything back together and left the power cord taped to the laptop to give it as much time to cure the glue as possible.

Hopefully it lasts for a little while. A new power jack definitely wouldn’t have helped as the problem was with some plastic pieces on the inside of the laptop body.

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