If you haven’t heard of P90X, it is the infomercial, workout program that is commonly seen on late night television or in fitness magazines. Basically, it is a DVD video workout program that involves lifting weights, pushups, chinups, cardio, yoga, and other workouts to get you in shape.

I have been doing it for a couple weeks on a more casual basis, but have started today doing the official program. Basically 90 days of fitness routines and diet. I’m going to take it easy on the diet, but will follow the fitness routines as close as possible.

I’m doing the classic routine, which is basically 1 strength routine followed by a cardio routine the next day. This is 6 days like this, one day off, and then repeat. After 3 weeks, it is a break week with 6 cardio, stretching, or yoga days and then back into another set of 3 weeks. After 90 days, presto.

I did my before pictures and measurements and will keep you posted on the 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day status.

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