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Twin Isles – Civilization for the Nintendo DS

I think I found one of my new favourite games and I can’t believe it has taken me this long. Twin Isles is an excellent homebrew game for the Nintendo DS. It has the basic gameplay from the original Civilization (in my opinion).

I have added it to my Best Nintendo DS Homebrew list. Twin Isles is by far the most commercial feeling game I have played yet from the homebrew community.

The graphics are clear, there are sound effects, some decent background music, a tech tree, a dozen or so structure that may be built, in game tips (which can be disabled, and just fun to play.

I definitely recommend playing it if you were ever a fan of the Civilization series. The game has a number of great features:

  • Free Play Mode where you can just practice by your self.
  • Versus CPU to challenge a computer opponent. First to 100,000 population or destroy the other island.
  • Scenarios where you have to complete a specific task. i.e. Grow the population to 500 before the time runs out.
  • Save your game! If you have SRAM on your homebrew cart.
  • Save your replay. You can watch your game. Same SRAM requirement.
  • Nice menu system with more options to turn off music and sound.

The game has a very polished feel. Everything from the sound, menus, and help system would make you think it is a commercial game.

The game was written and available from h4ck3r’s homepage. Just look down the page for the Twin Isles section.

What Does It Look Like?

The graphics are simple, yet very crisp and well put together. Here are some Twin Isles screenshots. The first is the main game screen during play, the second is the buildings list, then the technology tree, and last is the in game tool tips that you can turn off if you want.

Twin Isles Gameplay
Twin Isles Buildings
Tech Tree
Twin Isles Tech Tree
Twin Isles Tips

Getting It To Run

It was very simple to get running since there is no file access needed in the game.

My Hardware

I have Nintendo DS Lite (NDSL) with a Supercard Lite and Super Key. The Supercard Lite takes a microSD card for memory storage. I use the 1GB Kingston microSD.

Getting Twin Isles Running

I am just writing about what I had to do to get it working for myself. If you have any suggestions or instructions for other hardware, let me know. I will post it and put a link to a site for you with whatever keywords you want in this article.

Instructions for NDSL, Supercard Lite, Super Key

  1. Download the latest version of Twin Isles from h4ck3r.net. I personally downloaded Twin Isles Second Release.He provides it as a zip file so you will need a program to unpack it if you aren’t running Windows XP and higher.
  2. In the zip file is the file twinisles.nds. Copy this into a folder of your memory card.
  3. Boot your NDS and load the file twinisles.nds.
  4. Enjoy!

There are more instructions throughout the game as pop up tips that work very well. Remember, they don’t pause the game when they come up though.


I have had no technical major technical problems with this game yet. The only noticeable problem is when running the game in an emulator, the tech tree doesn’t display right until you move it slightly to one side.

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