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Hotel 31 – New York City

In March of 2008, I spent 5 nights in New York City. It was a fantastic trip and I would recommend it to anyone that is any age. One of the downsides with New York City are that the hotels can be a bit pricey compared to what you may be used to. However, my in-laws recommended a fantastic little place called Hotel 31 with more reasonable prices that I would also recommend.

The Price

We found $110/night on Expedia, but since Expedia requires you to pay up front we thought we would phone and make a reservation (just in case something changed before we went). They were willing to go down to $120 from the higher price quoted on their website.

At this price, we had a room without a bathroom, but it did have a sink in the room. There is air conditioning as well.

Where Is Hotel 31 Located?

Hotel 31 is on 31st Street between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue. It is on the south side of the street.

Overall Quality

For the price, I would say it is pretty good. We had a nice clean room that was kept clean everyday. The staff seemed very helpful when we had any contact with them.

There is an older style elevator in the place if you are concerned about doing stairs as well.

One annoyance is that there was a small fee for local or 1-800 calls. It was a flat rate, but you still expect those to be free.

What Is Nearby?

There are a few things. The 33rd Street metro station is right there. The 6 train comes through there and you can switch up trains at Grand Central Station to the north or at Union Square to the south. It doesn’t take long and you can go quite aways. There are entrances on 32 street, so it is only one small city block that you have to walk as well.

Grand Central Station is 11 blocks directly north on Park Avenue. This is a typical tourist destination and a good place to catch other subway trains.

The United Nations is a few blocks east and 12 blocks north. It was a $6 cab ride from the hotel.

Just a few blocks to the west is the Empire State Building. A must see for you first time in New York.

Around 8 blocks to the southwest is Madison Square Park and the Flatiron building. Just cool to check out as you might remember it from a few movies.

On the corner of 31st and Park Avenue are two different cafes where you can get breakfast in the mornings for a reasonable price. I had eggs benedict and bagels at the cafe on the south side of the street and they were fantastic.

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