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Miraflores and the Larco Mar in Lima, Peru

Lima is a city of over 8 million and holds a third of the population for Peru. It is an enormous city. However, one of the nicer, tourist areas is called Miraflores. It is on the ocean and has a lot of neat things.

Where To Stay

There are a lot of hotels here and nice ones to boot. You pay $200 a night or find a guest house for $20 a night. I actually did both. I stayed in one of the nicer hotels, being the Best Western La Hacienda Hotel & Casino. It was fantastic if you are looking for some comfort. Breakfast and internet were included.

Our other nights were spent at the Friends House. This was a little bed and breakfast that was actually a bit hard to find. You can find their address out of the lonely planet or on the internet, but there is no signs posted on the outside of the building. I believe it has something to do with the regulations in that area. Anyhow, they include breakfast and internet as well. For around $25 we had a room with two beds, our own bathroom, and hot showers. They would even arrange taxis and transportation if you wanted.

The Larco Mar

This is cool. Built into the cliffs overlooking the ocean is an enormous outdoor mall. It is multiple levels and there is even an escalator outside. You can find movie theatres, Pizza Hut, and even a Tony Roma’s. Make sure you go here and at least walk around.

If you are thinking of buying something, think again. We found prices were higher then back in Canada for some of the clothing stores we walked into.

Travel Shops

If you are looking to make further plans and arrange tickets, there are tons of tour shops you can do it from. Just walk in and ask what they can do for you. My wife and I arrange a 3 day trip down to the Nazca Lines and Ica. Basically just bus tickets and our plane ticket to fly over the Nazca Lines, but they would do it nonetheless.


There are lots of stores along here. If you are looking for clothes or even a musical instrument, I saw more than a few places to check out.

Just walk around. A bit of a business area with a large park in the middle, you can just walk around and people watch if you want.

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