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Hotel Sepia in Quebec City

I stayed in the Hotel Sepia during my visit to Quebec City recently. I would definitely recommend it if you are on holidays there and have a vehicle.

Located at Chemin Saint-Louis, it is right when you enter the city on the bridge for route 73. It is around 15 minutes from Old Quebec (if the traffic is good). We were able to get on a road running along the bottom of the cliffs by the river that took us into Lower Old Quebec.

The Sepia is quite modern and very clean. It also includes parking. This isn’t always the case in Quebec and especially not in Old Quebec where space is limited. We had rented a car so it was a big plus.

We ended up paying around $115 a night for two queen beds and the usual amenities. It is only 2 stories but quite spread out so there is a good chance to be on ground level. I noticed the parking stalls were all never too far from an entrance as well.

Overall, I would definitely recommend it. But remember, if you do not have a vehicle or mode of transportation to get to Old Quebec, you will not be walking this distance.

Check out Hotel Sepia’s website to see some photos and more information.

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