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Winlogon.exe … Do I Have a Virus

All of a sudden this weekend, my computer decided to act all wonky. I don’t know if I have a virus or what it is.

Their is this process, winlogon.exe, that is running 50% to 100% of my cpu usage when I look in Task Manager. I can’t kill it, because it is a system process apparently.

I have googled it and no one seems to really know what causes it and it goes away after awhile. I don’t run a virus scanner, but I do have a free copy provided by my employer for personal use, so I’m installing it as we speak.

It is starting to get really annoying though. I’ll try the antivirus and let you know if it picks up anything.

If anyone knows anything about winlogon.exe, please post a comment.

UPDATE (May 14, 2007)

I still haven’t totally fixed it, but I have gained some ground. I have tried some of the techniques found on this forum on winlogon.exe, but it still did not fix it. After killing the InoRT.exe, InoTask.exe, and InoRPC.exe, the winlogon.exe drops to around 1% of the CPU load.

I can now use my computer, but I have to kill those everytime I start it up.

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