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Improving Your Computer Performance With Autoruns

I was having some computer issues for awhile now. My computer would boot up, be incredibly slow, and then it would boot up without the start menu bar or desktop.

Rob Dunn left a comment on my blog about using Autoruns by Sysinternals.

Basically you can download the program from the Sysinternals – Autoruns web site at Microsoft. It is a zip file with some files inside of it. Just open it up and run autoruns.exe.

It will take a few minutes to load up. It lists a number of files that run at startup or for other situations. I went to Options and selected “Hide Microsoft Signed Entries”, closed the program, and restarted it. This time it had a lot shorter list of applications and libraries that were loaded. Quickly scanning over them, I unchecked any that I didn’t not recognize or I recognized and knew I didn’t need. Afterwards, I just clicked save, closed the application, and rebooted my PC.

After I rebooted, my computer logged me in faster then it ever has and it is performing awesome. Definitely check out the Autoruns app if you are looking to fix virus/malware type problems or just improve your PC’s performance.

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