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Angkor Wat – Ancient History in Cambodia

Angkor Wat is a must see for anyone in south east Asia for a holiday. It is just inside Cambodia from the Thailand-Cambodia border. Only a days trip from Bangkok. It is by far the best ruins I have ever seen.

Angkor Wat refers to one temple compound of many that outside the town of Siem Reap. They are massive structures that were built by various kings in the region around the 800’s to the 1200’s. They figure they took quite a few years to build.

They are truly amazing. Angkor Wat itself has carvings and designs everywhere. Every inch of pillars and walls seem to have some sort of design carved into them. The temples themselves are Hindu influenced.

Tomb Raider

If you saw Tomb Raider, there are scenes among ruins where there are giant trees and jungles busting out of the walls. This is Ta Prohm, another are to the An gkor Wat temples.

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