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Bear & Bison – Bed & Breakfast in Canmore

It was my wife and my 2nd anniversary this weekend. For our first anniversary we stayed at the Bear & Bison in Canmore so we thought we might start a bit of tradition and went back there again this year. Why? Because it one of the most fantastic bed and breakfast places we have been to.

It is situated in Canmore, Alberta just outside of Banff National Park in the Rocky Mountains. Canmore itself is a beautiful little set in the mountains west of Calgary. There are a few golf courses and a trendy main street with a lot of shops and restaurants.

Here is the site for this Canmore bed and breakfast.

Bear & Bison

The B&B itself is on the north side of the highway up the hill a ways. The owners are a husband and wife team with some extra staff. The husband is actually the head chef at the restaurant where they do dinners as well.

There are 10 rooms and we have personally stayed in room #3 and room #9. Both were fantastic. Both have a very large jacuzzi tub, fireplace, balcony, kind size bed, and very nice decor.

Bear & Bison Room 3

Room 3 I think is definitely the best. The jacuzzi tub is on the east wall and there is a huge window spanning the length of the tub that looks out to the mountains on the east side. You can look at the window to the mountains are at the television and fireplace about 10 feet away. Very relaxing.

Room 9 doesn’t quite have the view of the mountains, but you are only a short walk from the hot tub outside and the price is a lot less.


Bear & Bison Breakfast

I can’t say much about lunch or dinner since my wife and I ate down in the town, but breakfast was fantastic. Both mornings we were served a different breakfast. One morning was spicy hashbrowns and eggs together sort of thing, fruit, and a cinnamon roll type pastry.


They have a Valentine’s Day promotion that is good until the end of March. It is $175/night that includes any room in the Bear & Bison, chocolates, early checkin, room service breakfast, and champagne. For only $99 you can add on a weekday night as well. I believe this is a spring special. This is Sunday night through Thursday night.

I think the personnels’ attitude is one of the best features of Bear & Bison. We called in the morning to ask when we should be out of our room and their answer was “whenever it works for you”.

They also have a very good discount for late bookings. If you book within 48 hours because the room is still unavailable, you receive a 30% discount on the room. We managed to take advantage of this the last time, but I wouldn’t bank on it. It is a fairly popular B&B as they handled over 70 weddings last year.

Access the Bear & Bison website

More Photos

Sitting in the Jacuzzi of Room 3
Bear & Bison Room 3 Jacuzzi View

Room 3’s King Bed
Bear & Bison Room 3 Bed

Front of Room 9
Bear & Bison Room 9

Room 9’s Bathroom
Bear & Bison Room 9 Bathroom

Funky Elephant in Room 9
Bear & Bison Room 9 Elephant

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