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Kill A Watt – Measure Your Power

Have you ever wondered how much power you are using? I’m a bit of a geek and I always wanted to know how efficient the devices are in my home. A friend of mine recommended the “Kill-A-Watt” a couple years ago and I have ended up buying them for gifts now (for those fellow geeks who would appreciate it).

I ordered it online and I can’t even remember where, but the thing is called the “Kill-A-Watt”. It plugs into the wall and has a plugin receptacle on the front to plugin whatever device you want to test. There is also a digital display to show the results.

Anyhow, once you plug it in, you reset the values and just wait. Kill-a-Watt measures how many killowatt/hours the device has consumed. This directly translates into how you pay your energy bill.


I stole this picture from The Gadgeteer so I will give them a free linkback for stealing their bandwidth. I think you can order it from there. You can read more about it anyways.

I did my two slice toaster and I figured out that for every 40 pieces of toast (20 times I ran it) that it only consumed 1 cent worth of power.

Stay tuned, I will post other energy findings in later posts.

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