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What is My IP Address

I’m sick of having to try and find a site every time I want to get the ip address of my computer. I log in with Remote Desktop Connection quite often or I post a large file to one of my computers at home and want to serve it from there. Unfortunately, I am behind a router and so I always have to log in to it to see my IP address.

I always used other sites and I figured I would just write my own little page to do the same thing. So here it is. This will tell you your exposed address to the internet.

What Is My IP Page


There is basically nothing to this. Your browser passes information to the server and php has a quick and easy way to get it out. If you want the code I use, here it is.

print "This script has detected that your ip address is:
$ipaddress = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];
print "$ipaddress";

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