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Nikon 50mm 1.8D Lens

This was the second lens I every purchased for my camera. I was waiting on my 18-200mm Nikon VR to arrive and all I had was a 10-20mm Sigma wide-angle. I was going nuts because all I could take was wide-angle shots. Anyhow, this fille the gap nicely and I would definitely recommend it as a lens to have period.

I bought mine used with a clear filter for protection for $100 Canadian. You can buy them brand new for under $200. So they aren’t really that pricy.

They are a fixed focal length so you can’t zoom in or out, which makes them not very flexible for a lot of situations, but what it lacks in zoom it makes up for in lens speed.

The 1.8 in the specification indicates its maximum aperture. This is how large the opening can go inside the lens to let in light. 1.8 is rather large and means that you don’t need as fast a shutter speed to expose the photo properly. It also means that you can have more defined field of focus. The farther you get away from the in-focus subject in the picture the more out of focus everything else will look.

Faster Shutter Speeds

Because you can achieve faster shutter speeds with this lens, you can now take shots in darker places and without a flash where you would have needed a flash. Those inside shots at your home or at a restaurant will look a lot more natural and you won’t have to worry about camera shake.

Field of Focus

With the larger aperture, everything outside of your focus area will be really out of focus. Portrait shots look a lot nicer, because the person is in focus and everything else is so much more blurred that is doesn’t distract you from the subject.

Check out this photo below. This was a little glass filled with m&m’s at a wedding reception I was recently at. There was a center piece not even a foot behind it, but I wanted to focus on the m&m’s. I set my aperture to 1.8 and just snapped away. Notice I didn’t have to use a flash either. The background just fades away to something not noticeable.

m&m’s With a Large Aperture
M&M's With a Large Aperture


Bottom line, this is an awesome little lens for the price. It’s cheap, amazingly sharp, and fast. It is one of those great lenses for the amateur and the professional. If you are just starting out, it will give you a great feel as to why the professionals shell out the big dollars for the fast lenses in other sizes.

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